An Asphalt Driveway Is Perfect for Summer

Asphalt Driveway

If you’re looking for natural irrigation for your property, the right asphalt driveway is a great solution.

Many people many not be aware, but as the warm months are finally on their way, porous asphalt can prove to be  perfect for residential driveways — especially during the summer. Aside from its easy maintenance and cost-efficient durability, an asphalt driveway can actually benefit the environment by allowing water from rain or snow to drain through the pavement surface. In effect, the asphalt pavement reduces runoff, eliminated slipping or hydroplaning, and returns water naturally to the water table.

Porous Pavement for Residential Asphalt Driveways

When it comes to paving your residential driveway, the benefits of using asphalt are near endless. The material is incredibly durable and can last up to twenty years without showing any age or natural damage. If you keep up with the proper maintenance, asphalt driveways can even effectively manage rainwater distribution on your property — which is ideal for your outdoor areas, especially landscape designs and gardens. If you’ve ever had to struggle to irrigate your lawn, keep your flowers in beautiful bloom, or utilize your outdoor yard areas for edible gardening, you’ll quickly come to truly appreciate the natural benefits that the asphalt construction brings to your overall exterior.

Simple Asphalt Installation

If you opt to use porous asphalt for your driveway’s construction, it is important to note that it requires a few simple, yet specific requirements that wouldn’t apply to traditional asphalt installation. Stone beds must be layered beneath the initial surface, following a proper professional evaluation of any potential drainage issues on your property. In addition, you will need the stone bed to be specifically designed so that water never rises into the asphalt.  Luckily, a good professional contractor can mix asphalt properly so that you get the best results and longevity out of the finished product.

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