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Dangers of Potholes and Why They Should Be Fixed Immediately

Have you ever casually driven down a road and accidentally driven over a pothole? It wasn’t a very pleasant feeling, right? Well, it’s not a nice feeling for your car either, and it can risk the possibility of an auto accident.  Roads are supposed to be as smooth as possible to make a safe commute. Your commute is not only affected by potholes, but your own driveway can suffer, too. They are not the most aesthetically pleasing things on the road, and they create hazards for pedestrians. Check out the dangers of potholes and why they should be fixed immediately. 

Slow down to avoid potholes on the road

Slow down to avoid potholes on the road

Car Accidents

Since potholes can damage your car you may find yourself either unexpectedly slowing down on the road or trying to swerve around them. Making a sudden move on the road gives people driving behind you little time to react. This can result in either you hitting another car or the person behind you getting in an accident. Driving on the highway, which requires high speeds, can end in a disaster if drivers are trying to avoid potholes.


Motorists, bikers, and pedestrians share the road with cars. Avoiding potholes also make it dangerous for pedestrians. Bikers maneuvering around these pesky potholes pose the threat of potentially hitting pedestrians.

Car Problems

Tires and wheels take a great deal of punishment from potholes. You may not believe it, but tires have come off cars because of the collision of hitting a pothole. The impact from potholes can also damage the front end of your vehicle, which will require you to get realignment done.  

Testa Paving Can Solve your Pothole Problems

If you are a business owner or homeowner you can easily get your pothole problems fixed by calling Testa paving today. We have all the information and necessary tools to take care of dangerous potholes. We use asphalt mix and step by step procedures to fill potholes.

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