Facts You Should Know About Infrared Asphalt Repairs

Infrared asphalt repair

There are some things you should know about infrared asphalt repair.

Infrared technology is a proven method of repairing many different asphalt defects. Infrared asphalt repair is a seamless way to repair your incorrectly installed asphalt pavement. While it is a simple process from the looks of it, it is actually a very complex process. To properly repair asphalt with this technology, there are some important factors you should know. Let’s take a look!

Heat Absorption

Infrared asphalt repair is done by the asphalt absorbing the heat. It absorbs the heat into the damaged asphalt in order to aid in its removal. After the asphalt is removed, it can be replaced with a new or reclaimed material and should be reheated and bonded with a patch.

Proper Heating is a Must

When performing infrared asphalt repair, it is important to consider the amount of heat you are using. You have to keep in mind that multiple layers must be heated individually and raked off of the asphalt so the lower levels can be heated and removed.

Avoid Moisture

When using infrared asphalt repair, it is important that you avoid moisture. While water can be evaporated during this process, during the evaporation, the heat could become excessive and damage the areas while more porous sections remain wet.

Environments Affect Times

While temperatures may not seem to make a difference, it is important for you to look for low winds and ambient temperature during this process. High winds and temperatures can affect the heat times as well as the material worktimes.

When thinking about having your asphalt repaired, it is important to choose your method with care. Infrared asphalt repair can correct previously installed pavement in a matter of hours. If your pavement was installed incorrectly, hire Testa Paving to correct the mistakes. For more information on working with Testa Paving, call us today!

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