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Is It Too Late to Get My Driveway Paved?

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When is the best time to get your driveway paved?

A frequently asked question this time of year is when is it too late to get my driveway paved? This winter has been unexpectedly warm and full of rainstorms, making it even more of a question of when you can get your asphalt driveway paved. At Testa Paving, we have the knowledge to answer any of your questions. Read on to find out if it is too late to get your driveway paved.

Best Time to Pave Your Driveway

The best time to pave your driveway is said to be in between the months of mid-March and mid-November. It is also said that it is ideal to pave asphalt in 70-degree weather, but if you wait for the temperature to be that high, then your paving window will only be in the summer if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region.

How Cold Weather Can Affect Asphalt Paving

Now that you know the ideal months to get your driveway paved you should know how weather can affect asphalt seal coating. Asphalt sealer typically requires a period of twenty-four hours where the temperature stays above fifty degrees. Average weather during the winter is below fifty degrees, especially during the evening. Asphalt may contract and lead to asphalt cracks if not given the ample amount of time and proper weather temperature.

Thick Overlay vs. Thin Overlay

The type of paving overlay you use will determine whether you can pave your driveway in cold weather. If you decide to choose a thin overlay, then it is recommended that you wait until the temperature rises above fifty degrees. Choosing thick overlays for the winter is a doable project because they can withstand frigid conditions.

Picking the Right Contractor

Give us a call and let us know what kind of asphalt paving you need today. We have plenty of equipment and experienced employees that will handle your paving needs in any weather.

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