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Parking Lot Maintenance for Facilities Managers


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As a facility manager, the health and safety of your staff and clientele should be your number one priority. Neglecting the state of your parking lot could result in serious injury. The longer you keep your parking lot unkept, the more dollars will stack up when you finally decide to repair it. Covering medical costs and shelling out tons of money to repave your lot will put a serious dent in those savings. As a facility manager, it’s your responsibility to keep up with parking lot maintenance. Follows are a few tips for doing so.

ADA compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in order to protect the rights of those living with disabilities. What this means for facility managers is that they need to stay informed on what these regulations require for commercial parking lots. There should be a certain number of handicapped parking spots and all lot spaces must adhere to specific measurements. You will be held liable for potential injuries if you don’t follow these regulations. To familiarize yourself with these, the  ADA has a wonderful fact sheet you can look over.

Don’t be Held Liable

The longer you neglect parking lot maintenance, the more cracked asphalt, potholes, and crumbling pavement will litter your lot. This increases the likelihood of someone twisting their ankle, tripping and falling, or damaging their car. If any of these unfortunate circumstances occur, you will be responsible for repair costs/medical bills. “Premises Liability” in Maryland states that if a facility’s management neglects parking lot maintenance, they will cover damage costs to visitors, staff, and all others who use their lot to enter your facility. Procrastinating that repaving you’ve been meaning to do could have some serious legal consequences, so parking lot maintenance should be a top concern.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Your Business

Protect your pride and joy! You’ve already worked so hard to keep your facility running properly, so why not put in a little effort and call a trusted pavement company to take a small chunk of time out of your day. Parking lot maintenance will keep your facility looking good. This will promote a positive image of the business. Customers will notice your professionalism if they are greeted with organized, neat, maintained spaces from start to finish. The way you present yourself is the way you’re perceived. Don’t you want all your visitors, staff, and clientele leaving with nothing but positive things to say about you? A neglected lot will project an image of inattention to detail, unprofessionalism, and disregard for the safety of others. Negative first impressions will surely affect sales. Take the time today to educate yourself on asphalt repair!

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