Summer Asphalt Repair 101


Asphalt is durable, but there are many tips to keep it looking its best.

Asphalt, like anything else, breaks down over time. This happens especially quickly

in the summer. The increased heat, sunlight, and traffic will cause more damage to

your asphalt surface in the summer than any other time of year. For this reason, it is

especially important to make any necessary repairs as soon as they are needed. A

small repair now and then can save you big headaches down the road. These are

some of the things that can cause damage to your asphalt surface.


Damaging UV Rays

Asphalt is made up of rock, sand and aggregates which are bound together by

asphalt cement that acts a lot like glue. The increased UV rays of summer can cause

the asphalt to deteriorate. Once that happens, there’s nothing holding the rock

together so your asphalt surface will start to crumble. You will notice loose gravel

on your asphalt surface. If you see this, it’s time for a repair.


Large Vehicles Causing Asphalt Damage

In the summer time, the number of trucks and large vehicles on the roads increases

exponentially. Groups are taking bus trips, people are going places in RVs and

campers, and tractor-trailers are carrying more stock and building materials to

stores and construction sites everywhere. There’s just more traffic this time of year.

The increased traffic is great for the economy, but it wreaks havoc on asphalt

surfaces. The asphalt can start cracking under all of the added pressure. The

increase in temperature causes the asphalt to lose its elasticity, causing it to crack

even easier. Repair any cracks right away to prevent further damage.


Water Damage

Water can cause the most damage to your asphalt surface the fastest. The heavy,

driving rains of summer storms are especially hard on asphalt. The water pressure

alone is enough to cause damage by itself. Asphalt is a porous surface; water will

seep into any opening that it can find. If it gets down far enough, it can cause quite a

bit of damage to your asphalt. Be sure the asphalt surface is well sealed to prevent

some of this damage.


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