Benefits of Outdoor Hardscaping

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Adding outdoor hardscapes to your backyard has many benefits, including increasing your property value!

If you have trouble growing grass or plants due to poor soil composition, or if an area stays wet for long periods of time, a hardscape may be a good remedy to that problem. Hardscaping is the use of hard materials such as rock, stone, concrete and pavers. These hard materials are what bring value to your landscape design. Hard materials like these are the things that require no replacement. The purpose of hardscaping is to provide good drainage and minimize runoff, just one of many benefits that hardscaping offers to your landscape.

Increase Property Value

Filling your backyard with hardscape material can increase the value of your property. By creating an outdoor extension to your home, you add more usable square footage and the opportunity for potential buyers to envision themselves relaxing and entertaining in the space. In fact, 84 percent of buyers look for an outdoor patio when purchasing a home. With a little hardscaping, you can add multiple dimensions to your yard with differing levels, defined edges, and weaving walkways to create quite the visually appealing space. On top of that, courtyard walls, pergolas, fences, and stone boundary lines all add privacy from nearby neighbors.

Low Maintenance and Water Efficient

The most appealing benefit of backyard hardscapes is the very limited amount of maintenance they require. Once you create the design of your choosing, your backyard is set for years to come. That means no watering, mowing, pruning, snipping, or trimming is needed. It also eliminates the role that nosy neighbors or the homeowner’s association play in your life! You won’t have to worry about grass heights and bush trimming. Especially in areas where drought is common, hardscaping is a great solution to fight water waste. Instead of spilling out gallons and gallons of water to maintain your lawn, plants, and flowers, a backyard hardscape allows you to go water-free. Plus, you won’t have to fret over your plants dying or your grass fading to a dingy brown.

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