Brick Patio Cleaning Tips

Brick Patio Cleaning Tips

Keep reading to learn how to clean your brick patio properly.

We’re almost ready to hop into summer, and during the summer season, people’s outdoor landscapes gather more attention. Perhaps you’re one of the homeowners who has a brick patio in your yard, and if you are, it becomes a wonderful hangout spot for friends, family, and anyone else you invite over to visit you.

To keep a brick patio looking its best, though, you’ll have to clean it regularly. Keep reading to learn how to clean your brick patio properly.

Take All Items Off of Your Brick Patio

You won’t be able to clean your patio properly if there are items resting on top of it. That’s why you should take time to remove all of the items from your brick patio before you clean it. Not only does this let you get every nook and cranny on your patio, but it also protects the items you move from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

Get Rid of Weeds

Sometimes, weeds will start growing around your brick patio. You want to remove those weeds to maintain your patio’s lovely appearance. Be careful while you’re doing this, though, because you don’t want to cause any damage to your pavers while you’re extracting the weeds. Also, if there’s any moss that’s stuck to your patio, use a brush to scrub all of it off.

Sweep the Patio With a Broom

Along with the more stubborn messes, such as moss that gets stuck to your brick patio, you also want to remove the dirt and other lighter debris as well. This is fairly simple, as you will only need a broom to sweep all of the debris away and restore your patio’s appearance.

Rinse and Scrub Your Patio

Get your brick patio wet by using a hose. Then, after that, use a brush and a mixture of water and soap to scrub your patio down. Don’t apply too much force while doing this because you could accidentally damage the pavers. Once you’ve scrubbed down your patio, give it one last rinse and allow it to dry.

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