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Concrete Paving Services

At Testa Paving, we have invested in the latest in concrete mixing technology and equipment. With the highest quality excavation equipment, we are able to produce a specific timeline for our client’s projects. With over 30 years of building partnerships, we are able to ensure our clients a timely delivery of equipment and production materials.


Minimum specs:
5″ 3/4″ stone
4″ pour of 4000 psi.



Minimum specs:
5″ 3/4″ stone
4″ pour of 4000 psi mix
Page(s) of stamps, colors offered



Need a new curb/gutter for your parking lot or want to beatify your driveway? We also can install new pavement with perimeter curbs for support or curb & gutter for water management.





It is significantly cheaper than removing and replacing concrete slabs when sunken.Rather than jack hammering existing concrete slabs, then removing broken up debris. Erecting forms for a new pour, then finally pouring and finishing a new slab of concrete. Placing a controlled hydraulic concrete pump within sunken slab and raising it till it is level with surrounding surfaces while filling void left by settled sub-base with concrete…presto! Slab-jacking is used when slabs of concrete are structurally sound but have sunk to due settling of base materials to incorrect backfill or insufficient compaction of sub-base materials.



We don’t want to damage your yard or grass or if the site for a concrete pour is not reachable by truck we have concrete pump trucks to deliver materials to hard to access places and prevent collateral damage to your property.


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