The Benefits of Concrete in Residential Landscapes

concrete landscape

Concrete can add a lot of personality to a residential landscape.

Thought to be cold, dull and utilitarian, concrete is an often overlooked modern landscaping material. But concrete is no longer just for curbs, benches, and the occasional birdbath. Modern concrete techniques like mold-forming, coloring, and texture processing have enabled concrete for many more versatile applications. These days concrete can fit into just about any aesthetic or landscape design idea. Here’s a few tips to get you started with concrete landscaping.

Concrete Landscape Design

If you’re going to do some landscape remodeling, consider using concrete as part of the construction for walkways, driveways and patios. Coloring agents and chemicals can create marvelous effects for your concrete installations. You can also etch the surface of concrete after an acid stain to create unpredictable patterns of depth and intensity. Or you can add dry powder as the concrete is being mixed to provide a deeper, more vibrant color. For more nuanced textures, scoring machines or molds can be used to create brickwork, herringbone, quarry tile, or other patterns. A good concrete contractor can use concrete to emulate just about any surface or appearance.

Improved Gardening with Concrete

Raised concrete garden beds make gardening more accessible and produce higher yields. Concrete garden beds allow for denser gardens with less maintenance and less hassle. Soil doesn’t get stepped on or compacted, and is much easier to fend off weeds and pests when it’s in a concrete garden bed. If your home is already short on space, concrete makes gardening possible again.

Additional Landscape Ideas

You can add a lot of nice finishing touches to your landscape with concrete. You can precast gnomes, frogs, turtles, or an infinite number of other objects with concrete and color it to perfectly match your home or garden’s design. Concrete is also perfect for low-maintenance outdoor living and entertainment areas, including outdoor kitchens, walls or curtains. When it comes to concrete landscape design, the only real limit is your imagination.

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