Custom Concrete Paving for Outdoor Living



A concrete patio will be the focal point of your summer parties.

Summer is here and with it comes all the joys of spending time outdoors. Cookouts, pool parties and Fourth of July get togethers all require a comfortable place for people to hang out. If you’re thinking about upping your outdoor space for this summer, you should consider all the different ways custom concrete paving can turn your yard or patio into the perfect summer spot.


The patio is the center-piece of a backyard, and it’s where most of your outdoor entertaining will take place. Using concrete to pave your patio will give you options on color and texture, so you can really design your space how you’d like. Plus, patios only require occasional power washing to keep clean, which takes the hassle out of cleaning your outdoor kitchen.


Custom concrete paving for walkways can really add a distinct feature to your yard and home. Concrete’s durability and low maintenance means it will last no matter how much traffic it gets. You can even add a little hardscaping to really make it pop, or install a walkway to connect your concrete patio to your concrete pool deck.

Pool Decks

If you have a below-ground pool you understand that the deck is now a stand in for a large part of your lawn. The good news is you don’t have to mow it, and the better news is you can customize your pool deck with concrete paving to make it a truly unique place. You can choose from plenty of non-slip options, to make sure your pool deck is safe when wet.

Benefits of Concrete

Custom concrete paving can help your outdoor space become a unique place friends and family will want to be all summer long. Plus, it’s proven to help increase the resale value of your home, is environmentally friendly and will last alot longer than other paving options.  

Testa Paving Can Help Create What You Need

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