Driveway Removal and Replacement with Testa

Concrete-DrivewayIf you have an old, cracked driveway that is beyond repair, maybe it’s time to consider having it removed and replaced. A professional paving company with experience removing and replacing driveways, like Testa Asphalt Paving, can help determine the best way to get a smooth new driveway onto your property.

How To Tell If Your Driveway Needs to be Replaced

If you recently bought your home, or are getting ready to put it on the market, you may want to replace your driveway for curb appeal. A new driveway can complete the look you want for your home. If you want to know if it’s time to replace your driveway for more structural reasons, then you should pay close attention to any cracks or holes. A sure sign that it’s time to remove and replace your driveway is if any cracks or holes look like they were patched, but are beginning to open up again. This means that water has gotten between the old and new material, and another patch won’t last as long. Plus, a patchy driveway can be off putting to potential buyers.

County Apron

It happens every summer, the weather heats up and out come the work crews to repair all of the damage of another harsh winter. While your car certainly appreciates those nice smooth new roads, you can sometimes be left with a driveway apron that took a beating. The apron is the bridge between your parking lot and the road, and usually gets overlooked. A driveway apron that’s been damage can give you a real jolt when you pull off the smooth new road and onto your nice asphalt or concrete driveway, only to hit some hard bumps on the exchange. Be sure to consult with a professional as to whether you will need your county apron replaced as part of your driveway removal and replacement.

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