Hardscaping Ideas for Small Backyards


Adding levels to a small backyard is a great way to make it seem bigger.

If you have a small backyard, you may have thought that hardscaping was out of the question. Well we have good news, hardscaping for small backyards is totally possible with the right mindset. Understanding you’re working with a smaller space is important, but the best thing to do is be creative and keep these tips in mind.

Design to Scale

Unfortunately, you may not be able to fit everything you want into a small backyard. One way to include multiple aspects into your hardscaping is to scale areas and features down to fit your yard. Maybe you are set on including a fire pit and a water feature in your yard. A good idea is to figure out which is the key element, and then scale down the other.

Define Key Areas

Separating your yard into different areas with clearly defined functions makes the space feel larger, and is helpful for getting rid of clutter. Using walks or patios is a functional way to breakup your yard into different areas. It’s tempting to want narrower walkways in a smaller backyard, but you should stick to a regular width, usually about four feet. A small walkway will only highlight the size of your yard. Just because you’ve sectioned off your yard doesn’t mean you’re stuck using those spaces for strictly one thing, however. Try and plan out spaces so they can serve multiple purposes.

Take It To the Next Level

Using hardscaping to create multiple levels really makes a yard feel bigger. Even a step or two between different areas of the yard will give the impression that you are covering more ground than you actually are, and will help make each section feel like its own unique space.  

Creative Storage

A key to making your small space feel bigger is to keep it clean and free of clutter. Furniture that doubles as storage or hanging things like watering cans and lawn equipment can help maximize space.

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