Hardscaping Maintenance Tips

Hardscaping can seem maintenance free, but even the most professionally installed commercial or residential landscape needs at least a little bit of maintenance. While most hardscaping can sustain excellent condition for many years, hardscapes can still fall victim to staining and wear and tear from harsh weather conditions.

hardscaping maintenance

Just like a rug needs vacuuming, a hardscape needs regular maintenance to ensure good condition.

Regular Inspections

Hardscapes need regular inspections like most parts of a commercial or residential property. You will want to keep an eye out for natural impacts. Tree roots or settling ground can displace your hardscape and cause cracking to rocks and bricks. Regular inspections of your hardscapes will help you prevent much larger problems later down the line.

Scheduled Cleanings

Your pavers, bricks, stone, walls and concrete need to be cleaned annually. Pressure washing your hardscape will remove sediments that have built up over time. Cleaning helps improve your hardscape’s durability. If you’ve never pressure washed your hardscape surface before, getting a professional is advisable.


Weed and unwanted plant removal will also help your hardscape maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Moss growth can be deterred by ensuring your hardscape gets enough sun. Some moss can be removed with bleach and a scrub brush, but more stubborn moss may require specific chemical solutions to deal with.

Hardscape Repair

Hardscapes that have been chipped, cracked or have unremovable stains will need to be replaced. The good news is that repair is easy and can be done in small or large sections all at once.

Additional Sealing

Depending on the materials and the age of your hardscape, some additional sealing maintenance may be required each year. A sealant will provide a fresh finish to your hardscape and protect it from future sediment build-up or staining. If you spill drinks or food on your hardscape, for example, the sealant can help shield your hardscape from damaging blemishes and stains.

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