Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Kitchen for Winter

preparing Your Outdoor Kitchen for Winter

Let us help you get your outdoor kitchen for the cooler months ahead!

You have used your outdoor kitchen all summer long. But as the season begins to change, you may be wondering how to prepare your outdoor kitchen for the winter months. Failing to prepare your kitchen for the coming seasons may result in expensive repairs next summer. Let’s take a look at how to protect your outdoor kitchen for the winter.

Prepare Your Grill

When thinking about the winter ahead, it is important to consider what needs to be done for your outdoor kitchen. The first step is to prepare your outdoor grill. Even if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen occasionally during the colder months of fall, it is important to give your grill a good cleaning to make sure it continues working in the new year. To clean and prepare your grill, you should:

  • Use a degreaser to scrub off the grease build up
  • Polish the stainless steel
  • Remove the grates
  • Season the cooking surfaces with vegetable oil and heating the grill to 500 degrees
  • Turn off the gas line if you aren’t planning to use it during the fall and winter.

Depending on the material of your grill, you may want to invest in a grill cover to avoid rust caused by snow and rain. Choose a synthetic material that will withstand the elements.

Take Care of Your Plumbing

The next step is to take care of your plumbing. Water often remains in the pipes and plumbing systems of your outdoor kitchen unless it is removed from the pipes. If you don’t manage it properly, it could cause the pipes to burst when the water freezes. This problem can cause a huge nuisance, rack up hefty plumbing bills, cause flooding, and make your outdoor kitchen unusable for a period of time. Make sure to evacuate water from all of your faucets and supply lines before winter sets in. This can be done by shutting off all of the water supply lines, draining the lines, and disconnecting the supply lines to refrigerators, ice makers, and sinks. You should also make sure the drain valves are open for the duration of the winter.

Winterize the Refrigerator and Ice Maker

Before the winter weather sets in the area, you should make sure to prepare your ice maker and refrigerator for the weather ahead. Make sure all of the power to the both units are off and the water lines are drained and shut off. It is also important to turn off your ice maker and refrigerator via the circuits in the electrical panel or by unplugging them. Make sure each appliance is clean and ready for the next season ahead.

These are just some steps to preparing your outdoor kitchen for winter. For more information on building your own outdoor kitchen or preparing your existing one for winter, call Testa Paving today!

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