How to Choose the Right Color of Patio Pavers for Your Home

backyard patio

If you’re planning a new patio, here’s a quick guide on choosing the right color for your patio pavers.

When taking on any home or landscape improvement projects, one of the biggest questions that we face is what color to choose. Whether we’re painting, bringing in new furniture, or expanding the space, the color that we choose will play a major role in the final look of the project. It’s a question that can cause a lot of anxiety but it doesn’t have to if you’re equipped with the right tools to make a thoughtful decision. If you’re planning a new patio or refurbishing your existing one, here’s a quick guide on choosing the right color for your patio pavers.


What is the overall atmosphere that you want to achieve with this project? Will your patio be the home to all your outdoor parties or are you creating an island getaway right in your backyard? The purpose of your pavers will help you narrow down the shade, tone, and color that are the best fit for your space. Do you prefer a monotone look or multicolored effect? Check off these boxes before moving forward with your search.


Something important to consider is that texture will affect the look of the color you choose. Since these two factors have such an effect on each other, they should be treated as two parts of the same choice. If your paver has a smooth surface or if it is rough and jagged, those characteristics will play a role in the overall finished look of your patio.

Other Elements

Cohesion should be a major deciding factor in choosing the right color of your pavers. Creating a look that complements your furniture, the colors on your home, the tiles in your pool, and even the color of your roof will give your space a finished look. Not that all the elements need to match exactly, but choosing a palate that will complement these elements would be the ideal way to go.  

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