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Parking Lot Repair After a Long Winter

parking lot repair

Some simple parking lot repair can have your lot looking good when spring rolls around.

Before you know it, birds will be chirping, flowers will be blooming, and the sun will be beating down on your gorgeous black asphalt parking lot. What’s that? Your asphalt is faded and cracked after a rough winter featuring a huge blizzard? Well clearly you’re in need of some parking lot repair! Even the best parking lot maintenance won’t always stop asphalt damage from happening. Here’s what we can do to for your asphalt as winter starts to fade.

Crack Repair

Thanks to the nasty freeze/thaw cycle, when water seeps into asphalt and expands, winter is a repeat offender of cracking asphalt surfaces. Parking lot cracks can be dangerous tripping hazards and even harmful to cars if they’re big enough. If you notice a crack, we can repair it quickly and professionally to return your parking lot to its safer former glory.

Patching or Repaving

Sometimes inattentive snow plows or abrasive road salts can rough up a larger section of your parking lot, or even the whole thing. In that case, we can cut out rough patches or demolish the whole lot, and then repave everything that we removed. This is a great way to refresh your lot with parking lot repair.

Seal Coating

Last week’s blog was all about seal coating, so hopefully you’re already an expert. In case you missed out on it, here’s a conveniently placed link! We’ll also rehash the benefits for you right here. Once you’ve had all the above repairs made, seal coating will keep those repairs safe and in place for an extended period of time and prolong the life of your revitalized parking lot. Seal coating requires a 24-hour period of temperatures about 50 degrees, so hopefully spring will hurry up and it’ll be warm enough soon.

It looks like winter is starting to make its way out of the Baltimore area. As it does, it’s time to make sure you take care of any necessary parking lot repair. Testa Paving will be happy to help fix any parking lot problems you may have — don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Parking Lot Repair with Testa Paving

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