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Signs You Need a New Parking Lot

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When was your parking lot installed? Is it time for an upgrade?

Your parking lot has served you for many years, but it may be time for a new one. Although they last a long time, asphalt parking lots may need to be replaced after 25 years of faithful service. So what are some signs you should look for that your parking lot may need to be replaced soon? Read on to find out.


One of the top signs you need a parking lot replacement are the amount of cracks in your asphalt. Although cracks normally form over time, they can get worse from the chemicals, water, and ice constantly penetrating your parking lot. If you have a lot of cracks in your lot, it may be time for a replacement.


Potholes can be a menace for your customers and employees. These holes in the ground can expand to be the size of cars. Although many businesses choose to patch them instead of fixing the problem, most potholes can actually reoccur a few months or years later. Replacing the pavement is your best option.

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues are a major problem for your parking lot. If you notice drainage issues in your parking lot, it may be time for a replacement to adjust the slope. Common problems include pooling water or water running down the middle of the parking lot but not toward a drain. These problems can be fixed with a slope adjustment, adding curbs to direct the water flow, or adding drainage or inlets to provide a place for the water to go.

Aged, Weathered Appearance

Appearance is a big factor for most people on where they shop or do business. If your beautiful pavement has faded away and your parking lot now looks old, weathered, and dangerous, most people will avoid shopping there. Fading asphalt is not merely a cosmetic problem, it can also cause weakening in the asphalt itself. This fading can leave your lot susceptible to potholes and cracks as it weakens. Don’t lose business over your parking lot, call Testa Paving today for more information on a parking lot replacement service!

Parking Lot Replacements with Tasta Paving!

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