Benefiting from your Asphalt Driveway

asphalt-drivewayThe driveway to your home is an important component to your property. A driveway provides a comfortable place for family members and guests to park without struggling to find space along your street. However, a poorly made driveway can damage your home instead of benefit it. A gravel or broken driveway can lead to tripping hazards along with potentially damaging your vehicle over time. When you decide you need a new driveway, choose asphalt to create a beneficial driveway for your home.

But how can a homeowner benefit from an asphalt driveway?

  • Value- An asphalt driveway is known to help increase the overall value of your home and property. A home that includes an asphalt driveway is more likely to appraise for more money as well as have a higher chance of selling on the market.
  • Durability- An asphalt driveway is one of the stronger options for your home. While concrete is known to flake, crack, and breakdown due to the elements, asphalt will be able to withstand head and snow, as well as the salt that is used to melt the snow. If concrete is not made or poured correctly, cracks and flakes are more likely to occur, which could lead to pricey repairs. Asphalt is known to be flexible and easier to pour than other materials.
  • Down time- When concrete is used to create a driveway, your wait time is a few weeks. Time needs to be taken to mix the concrete as well as properly pour to create the surface. Then you must wait a few days for the concrete to properly set. This increase in time is a major reason why concrete driveways are more expensive to install. An asphalt driveway will only take a few days to install and can be used to its full capacity only a day or two after the asphalt has been poured.
  • Maintenance- An asphalt driveway requires little to no maintenance. If damages do occur, the specific area is the only thing in need of replacement instead of the entire surface.

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