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How Can I Benefit From Hardscaping?


Hardscaping can beautify your property with relative ease.

Hardscaping is the use of objects that are not alive throughout your landscape design. Hardscaping is typically used to bring a new aesthetic appeal to the home as well as value. Items that are typically used in hardscaping include stepping stones, concrete structures, and wood items. The combination of hardscaping items and greenery from landscaping can help to create a unique atmosphere and experience for your home.

From fire pits to walkways through your garden, hardscaping services can help create a new outdoor living space for your home. Testa Paving can help you create the look you want for your home. We are also here to help homeowners realize how the other benefits that accrue from hardscaping services.

Low Maintenance Costs

Hardscape installations tend to require no further maintenance once they have been properly installed in your yard. Unlike landscaping, hardscaping doesn’t require the nutrients and care of plants and flowers. The space used for hardscaping takes away from space that needed maintenance previously. Even a lawn can require maintenance throughout the different seasons, which can take money from your pocket.

Property Value Increase

A polished lawn and backyard can not only help increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard, but it can also help to increase the overall value of your home. Potential buyers will be more likely to take interest in your home with hardscaping versus a home without hardscape installations.

Erosion Prevention

Some homes that sit on a hill or slope can experience problems with erosion after heavy rains or storms. The presence of stones or concrete fixtures throughout your yard can help keep soil in its place and prevent future erosion problems.


A new paved or stoned path can create an easier way for guests to enter your yard or home. A hardscaped pathway can also show guests where you want them to walk when reaching your front door or backyard.

Trust Testa Paving for Your Hardscaping Projects!

If you are in the need of hardscaping services, Testa Paving Inc. is here to help! For over 35 years, Testa Paving Inc. has been a driving force within the industry and has been serving the areas of Maryland and northern Virginia.

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