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All About Slabjacking

SlabjackingWhen dealing with concrete, there are times when your concrete can begin to sink. When this occurs, many believe that the concrete needs to be ripped up and replaced. However, with slabjacking, your concrete can be fixed without needing to be replaced.

Slabjacking: Why is it Needed?

When the foundation work of a home or garage is completed, the space along the sides of the structures is typically filled in with fill dirt. When this occurs, the dirt is usually left with space in-between the particles. Because the fill dirt is not properly compacted, the particles can shift and move over time, causing the dirt and the structures around the dirt to sink.

Slabjacking: How Does it Work?

Sinking concrete occurs when the dirt underneath the concrete slabs has eroded. Slabjacking uses a mixture of different materials, like cement and sand, to push the concrete slab back into it’s original position. A drill is used to create holes within the slab, which are then filled with the mixture using a pump and hose.

Slabjacking: The Benefits

So why should homeowners turn to slabjacking instead of replacing their concrete slabs?

  • Landscaping is left untouched
  • The process can be done in most weather
  • The slab is not only lifted, but made stronger
  • The slab can be used immediately after slabjacking
  • The cost of slabjacking is much less than replacing the concrete slab
  • The concrete remains uniform
  • Slabjacking is safer for the environment than concrete replacement

Slabjacking with Testa Paving

Have you noticed concrete slabs sinking on your property? Have you been stressing about concrete replacement? Before you break the bank with concrete replacement, reach out to Testa Paving for slabjacking services for your home.

If you are in the need of pavement or asphalt services, Testa Paving Inc. is here to help! For over 35 years, Testa Paving Inc. has been a driving force within the industry and has been serving the areas of Maryland and northern Virginia.

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