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Asphalt Contractor Mistakes to Avoid

Asphalt ContractorWhen it comes to choosing an asphalt contractor for your driveway or parking lot, there are many things to consider. You never want to choose the first asphalt contractor that you find, but create a list of possible options and do your homework. However, there are still plenty of mistakes that homeowners and landlords make when it comes to choosing an asphalt contractor for their job. Some mistakes to avoid include the following:

  • Accepting a verbal warranty- A reliable and trustworthy asphalt contractor will offer you more than a simple verbal warranty. While you may trust someone at their word, that doesn’t mean the contractor will honor his word. Be sure to always have a warranty in writing that clearly states terms and conditions to avoid problems in the future. Without a written warranty, there is little you can do should something go amiss.
  • Accepting only one service- An asphalt contractor that only offers one type of service is one to avoid. A skilled and professional asphalt contractor should be able to offer you several service options for your project instead of forcing you to go with the only one they offer.
  • Not having proof of a license- An asphalt contractor should be able to provide you with proof of a license as well as insurance before a job. If they can’t prove they have a license, they are more than likely a scam or at the very least, unqualified to perform the work for your project. Insurance is necessary to ensure any damage or injuries are covered and not coming out of your pocket should they occur.
  • Choosing a residential contractor for a commercial job- If you are in need of a large driveway or parking lot for your business, you want an asphalt contractor that specializes in large commercial jobs. A residential contractor is used to working with smaller areas, which means they may not be qualified to handle your job. This means you could be faced with a damaged job and unhappy staff or customers, which can ultimately cost you money.


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