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Patio or Deck? What’s Right for Me?


Hardscaping a patio is a great summer remodeling idea.

While it might feel like summer is slipping away and school is on its way, it isn’t too late to install the perfect patio or deck this year. As Americans move outside of the home in the warm summer months to enjoy the beautiful weather and entertain, you might be missing the spark you want when you lounge or cook outside. Worried about the cost? According to Remodeling Magazine, you will get almost a 75% return on investment for your deck within the first year of installation. A patio gets up to a 60% return on investment. Ready to pick a patio or deck and see how patio pavers can help set your home apart?

Spread Out

Adding a patio or deck to your home gives you a way to increase your living and leisure space without completing an addition or major remodeling of your house. Many people want to kick back with a good book and cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, and a patio or deck is the perfect place to do it. No matter what you want to do on your patio or deck, there are options for you. Fire pits, hot tubs, water features, kitchen areas, and even gazebos can be incorporated into your outdoor creation. Professional installers can work until the ground freezes, so if you get started now you can be lounging before you know it!

Check Your Space

When choosing between a patio and a deck, you need to take the space it will be installed into account. If you have an uneven or sloping surface, a deck may be your only option, as they can easily be elevated to match the home. If the area you have in mind is flat and right outside an entrance or sliding glass door, a patio is probably ideal. Patios are more popular than decks, and a great way to incorporate beautiful patio pavers into your elegant outdoor space.

Build Your Budget

Can you build a patio or deck for just about any budget? Yes! But that budget could be very high or very low based on the size, materials, and amenities you want to add. Patios, overall, cost less to build ($12-20 per square foot) than decks ($20-30 per square foot).  Decks cost slightly more because they require a quality structural foundation that cannot vary much in cost.

Materials Available

There are countless materials at every price point that you can use to build your deck or patio, and there are new options constantly being added to the market. Patio pavers are a very popular option. They come in many shapes and sizes and they can replicate just about any look. They are a uniform thickness, unlike some other building materials, so patio pavers will not require a lot of labor to get level. Some pavers are interlocking, making them even easier to install and maintain.

Decks are typically made from pressure-treated lumber. Softwoods like redwood and cedar are gorgeous choices that are also natural resistant to rotting and insect infestations that may plague other types of wood. The most costly options available for decking are plastic-capped composites and synthetic cellular PVC.

Hardscaping a Patio? We Have You Covered!

Testa Paving is ready to help you get the patio of your dreams and help set your yard apart! For over 35 years, we have provided northern Virginia and Maryland with top-notch expertise and customer service. Interested in learning how we can help with your patio project? Give us a call at (301) 663-5861 or visit us online. To see examples of our work and keep in touch, follow us on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter today!

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