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Questions Surrounding Infrared Asphalt Repair

infrared-asphalt-repairWhile asphalt paving is known to be sturdy and long lasting for your driveway and parking lot, there are times when damages occur. When a crack or hole begins to appear in your asphalt, you may think you will need the entire surface replaced, but that isn’t the case. Asphalt allows repairs to be made to the specific area without the need to replace the entire surface. One way to make these repairs is through infrared asphalt repair.

Infrared Asphalt Repair Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions surrounding infrared asphalt repair:

  • Why should I choose infrared asphalt repair?
    • This type of repair method allows technicians to heat the asphalt without burning the material. Once the asphalt is heated, it can be manipulated as if it were new, allowing holes and cracks to be filled easily without any discoloration or need for new materials.
  • Is infrared asphalt repair more expensive than a full replacement?
    • This type of repair is less expensive than a full replacement because it is only focused on specific area. You are using less materials, man power, and time to complete a job, which means less money out of your pocket.
  • How long will the repairs take?
    • The amount of time needed for an infrared asphalt repair is about a fraction of what is needed for a traditional repair. This means that your driveway or parking lot can be opened for use almost immediately after the repair has been completed, instead of having to wait twenty four hours following a traditional repair or replacement. Repairs might take longer if the area is larger, but a typical repair only requires twenty minutes.
  • Is this a good quality solution to my problem?
    • This method of repair will help maintain your high quality asphalt pavement without jeopardizing the rest of the surface. The same asphalt materials are used to make the repairs, which means quality will never be sacrificed when the repair is made.


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