When a Professional is Needed to Repair Your Driveway

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Sometimes only a professional can repair serious driveway damage.

Sometimes, all a driveway needs is a little extra tender loving care to look brand

new. However, sometimes a professional is needed to do some major work. If the

winter and spring have left your driveway in tatters, it can be hard to determine

whether or not you need some professional help. Here are the easiest ways to tell

whether or not a professional is needed to repair your driveway.


Small Repairs


Small driveway repairs often include tiny cracks and holes in the surface of your

driveway. These can be repaired quickly and easily with concrete caulk or patching

material. It’s a good idea to fill in cracks and holes as soon as you notice them to

prevent water from getting into the surface of your driveway. Once water seeps in, it

will continue to expand and degrade the quality of the rest of your driveway and the

surface that your driveway is on top of.


Cosmetic Issues


Could your driveway use a facelift? If cosmetic issues are ruining the appearance of

your driveway, you should hire a professional to reseal or resurface your driveway.

The concrete might have been mixed poorly or distributed in an uneven manner. A

professional driveway repair company, like Testa Paving, will be able to

troubleshoot what the original problem was and repair your driveway so that it is

beautiful again.


Major Problems


As you probably could’ve guessed, major issues require major help! Do you have a

sunken portion of driveway? This might be caused by erosion beneath the base of

your driveway. Do you have large cracks, potholes, or damage on the surface of your

driveway? Again, it’s best to trust these major repairs with a professional. In

extreme cases of neglected driveways, it is often better to tear out the entire length

of driveway and replace it instead of trying to repair what’s there.


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