How to Plan for Your Next Hardscape Project


A hardscape can be an easy project with a little planning.

Hardscapes are great additions to your home that add a lot of value, and summer is the best time of the year to get started on your next hardscape project. And while hardscaping can be costly and time consuming, with a little planning you can save big time on money and time. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Before you start thinking about how your hardscape will look, consider function. A path or border might seem simple, but more complicated living spaces will require more thought. How do you plan to use this space? How much traffic will it need to accommodate? If you’re putting together a patio, do you want a separate dining and lounging area or one shared space? Think about the kind of furniture you’re going to need. Answering these questions will help you determine the size and shape of the hardscape.


A lot of customers avoid talking to their contractors about their budget, fearing they’ll be taken advantage of. A good contractor, however, will try to work with you to maximize the value of your project with the budget you have to work with. Good communication with your contractor will help you know what to expect and avoid any surprises.


A hardscape should be properly integrated into your landscape, so you should know the topography of your yard inside and out. You will want to convey any areas that may require design adjustments to your project. Are there areas of your landscape where water flows or pools when it rains? Good hardscape design should work with your land, not against it.


People sometimes overlook the need for privacy when planning a hardscape. If you want a secluded outdoor sanctuary, consider what parts of your landscape will be suitable for that project. Do you want something that’s close to your home or in a further section of your yard? Is there a space in your landscape that’s out of the line of sight of your neighbors, away from noisy air conditioners and has ample shade? If not, you may want to consider adding some sort of buffer to your project.


Once you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s finally time for the fun part—form! How do you want your hardscape project to look? Have you considered what materials you’re going to use? A good idea is to look at pictures of other projects you like and consult with your professional hardscaper to determine what will work best for your landscape. You will want to choose something that doesn’t just look good, but fits into the aesthetic of your home.

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