Midsummer Driveway Maintenance

Spotting driveway damage early is key to successfully repairing it

Spotting driveway damage early is key to successfully repairing it

After a long winter and spring, the summer sun is here. Though with the increase in temperature you will start to notice cracks and damages in your driveway, a result from the harsh conditions from the previous winter. While nearly all driveways are made with either concrete, asphalt or gravel you will find the after effects of winter have taken their toll, so it’s vital to spot these problems early and tackle them head on before they become a bigger issue.

What to Look out for

With different surfaced driveways, they present different issues in what to look out for. When it comes to concrete driveways there may visible cracks appearing in the surface. This is a result of rain water seeping beneath your driveway and therefore resulting in the ground to shift, leading to cracking and crumbling, in colder climates the damage will be even more visible as the rain water will freeze, leading to more severe and noticeable cracks. With gravel and asphalt, damages can be slightly more noticeable as there will be clear pools of water gathered, more apparent with summer showers, in various area s of your driveway.

Spot Damages Early

The best solution, if there are visible damages, is to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Prevention tactics that can be put in place are to remove any weeding or plants appearing at the edges of your driveways. Plants soak up water which will then seep underneath your driveway adding to the potential risk of cracks. Seal-coat your driveway every 1-3 years, and keep it clean and free of damaging growths such as moss and lichen in between seal-coating. Another solution, which can help long-term, is the installation of rubber mulch along the sides of the driveway, which, with a weed proof mat placed underneath, can prevent the future emergence of any more plants or weeds.

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