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Why Is My Asphalt Cracking?

asphalt cracking

My asphalt is cracking! Why?!?

Over time, the breakdown and separation of the material in asphalt results in asphalt cracking. While you will expect this in an older driveway, asphalt cracking can be highly frustrating in a newer one. Understanding the causes and what leads to asphalt cracking will enable you to be ready to care for your paved surface and keep it looking new for as long as possible.

Concrete And Asphalt Cracking

Asphalt and concrete are used for the general majority  of driveways in the United States. Both Asphalt and concrete cracking are caused by similar factors. The difference is that asphalt, due to being usually set up as one long unbroken surface, is often more prone to cracking than concrete. However, with proper installation, neither concrete or asphalt cracking should pose significant problems until several years after installation.

An Improperly Installed Driveway Base Causes Asphalt Cracking

If your asphalt driveway is relatively new and is already seeing significant cracking issues, there is a good chance that this is due to a poorly constructed base or subbase. This is what makes finding reputable contractors and asphalt companies in the very beginning so important. An improperly installed base of subbase generally results from a contractor cutting corners to save money or time, but will cost you big in the long run.

Using Salt To Melt Ice Contributes To Asphalt Cracking

Salt works very well for melting ice on some surfaces, but can do serious damage to asphalt, which is already very vulnerable in winter due to the freeze thaw cycle. Salt quickens the thawing process of snow and causes the water to seep right into paved surfaces. Once water has infiltrated the asphalt, it will refreeze and put pressure on the material’s structure, resulting in asphalt cracking. Instead opt for sand, which will provide vehicles with traction without damaging your asphalt.

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