The Pros and Cons of Concrete Driveways

concrete driveway

Is a concrete driveway right for you?

Concrete driveways are a common element of a vast number of homes, which many have been using for generations. Before we delve into the pros and cons of concrete driveways, let’s take a look at some of the basics. The price of concrete is generally $4-48 per square foot, depending upon site conditions and preparation. They can be stained different colors and even poured into different patterns for an eye catching look and can last 30 years and even longer if cared for properly. Read on to learn more about the ups and downs of concrete driveways.

The Pros of Concrete Driveways

Concrete is relatively long lasting. Cracks appear only after years and years of use, and potholes are rare. This type of material lasts longer than any other type used in driveway applications. Outside of stain removal, they require very little. Concrete also stays cool in hot weather due to its light color, making it pleasant on bare feet in the summer. The lighter color of concrete means it can be used to match nicely with a variety of homes. If this does not suit your style however, concrete can have a number of versatile looks. It can be stained in a number of different colors. It is also one of the easiest driveway materials to remove snow from.

The Cons of Concrete Driveways

Unlike other types of driveway materials, concrete cannot be resurfaced, repaired, or minorly patched up. Even though concrete does not begin to crack for many years, once it does it has to be removed and replaced. Also, concrete is more expensive than both gravel and asphalt. If your driveway covers a large area and cost is a concern, concrete will most likely not be your first choice. While the light color of concrete is attractive and it is almost infinitely customizable, light or bright colored materials show oil and tire marks more easily. Removing these stains can be time consuming and requires special tools.

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