An Outdoor Kitchen is the Ultimate Hardscape!

outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate hardscape for the warm weather!

When the warmer months come around, the very first thing that all homeowners think about is the possibility of enjoying their outdoor areas for the most amount of time as possible. With winter finally over, friends and family are sure to visit and get the most out of your landscape areas. If you’re planning on entertaining — or just for the enjoyment of your own family — there is no better addition to your yard than an outdoor kitchen. This is a project that can be done in sections, but no matter what, the finished product will allow your yard to truly meet its full potential.

First Things First

Although ideally you would opt for a full kitchen as your yard’s main hardscape, a full working kitchen may not be within your budget just yet. If that’s the case, don’t fret — you can start off your full project with the basic addition of a bar area. You don’t have to be serving adults only with a bar — it can always function as a general gathering area to create a larger sense of space in the overall landscape, and to can being using it to serve food prepared inside. If you put a column up near it, you can place an umbrella in the column, and have a perfectly shaded area for your guests.

A Fully Functional Kitchen

Again, how much you want to add to your outdoor kitchen for functionality is totally up to you and your personal budget. The addition of a different hardscape, such as a fire-pit or small pond, can still pair nicely with a stand-alone bar. However, if entertaining guests is your ultimate goal, you may want to eventually incorporate a working grill into the outdoor kitchen’s design.

As an option, you can have it standing on its own as a focal point in the backyard, or you can have a patio of stone built around it, using it as both an elegant functioning hardscape and as a working extension of your home throughout the year!

Outdoor Kitchens from Testa Paving

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