The Benefits of Adding Outdoor Hardscapes

The Benefits of Adding Outdoor Hardscapes

What are the benefits of adding outdoor hardscaping this summer?

So much of our summertime focus is localized on gardening and planting, as we do have a limited season in which to make the most of reshaping and growing plants and foliage. Hardscaping, however, the man-made features included in your landscape, such as paths, walkways, stone walls, steps, fencing, etc., is not to be overlooked in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Hardscaping can help bring the comfort and structure of your indoor life, to the outside. Any attention paid to the outside of your home could and should include remolding the landscape using hardscaping, as since the dawn of time man has sought to physically alter his surroundings for his own comfort. It only makes sense that we should use the technology available to personalize our homes!

Comfort and Style

A home is an ongoing work-in-progress. Part of that work comprises the outside of your home. Planting flowers and trees makes for a wonderfully relaxing setting, but that’s not where the work ends. Making sure your driveway is functional and attractive, installing fences, building your own outdoor kitchen, however rudimentary, adjusting the lighting, building a fire pit, and even adding purely aesthetic structures like waterfalls, can all be a part of how your hardscape reflects your personality and tastes. Investing in these kinds of permanent structures over a long period of time can prove to be very beneficial for a number of practical reasons!

Pragmatism and the Power of Permanence

When you install a new fence for privacy or to protect your toddlers or pets, you’re investing in the future. Flowers are lovely, but unfortunately, they require active attention to maintain. Following a few simple maintenance and care steps can drastically extend the life of your hardscaping additions. Home buyers are often more likely to purchase homes with additions already installed, as opposed to purchasing fixer-uppers with potential.  Hardscaping can also correct problems with the landscape, such as using a retaining wall to correct erosion, or building a multi-level deck to deal with a slope. It can save you a headache with the homeowners’ association as well – forego maintaining correct grass heights and install a stone patio! Hardscaping can go a long way in terms of styling and correcting your home!

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