Why is Lighting So Important for Your Landscape?

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important part of extending the usage of your hardscaping and making it safer.

Outdoor lighting for your landscape and hardscaping can seem like an afterthought if you primarily use your yard during the daytime, but it offers many additional benefits that you might not realize. Why is outdoor lighting so important for your landscape?

More Livable Space

Most people think of outdoor lighting as something designed to showcase a specific structure or part of their property. However, outdoor lighting can extend the amount of livable space you have during the nighttime hours. Light up the boundary of your yard so that you could have dinner outside with your outdoor kitchen or enjoy some stargazing time in areas of the home you typically wouldn’t use after dark.

Mark Your Boundaries

Boundary lighting is another way to broaden the amount of nighttime space your yard has. If you have a landscaping feature, like a fence or shrub, that marks the edge of your property, illuminate it during the night. If you use a small output wall wash fixture and mount a series of them, you can create a visually striking wall of light that will show the ends of your yard.

Don’t Just Think Inside the Box

When you plan your outdoor lighting, also consider what lighting features are used inside of the home. If you have a dining room or living room that is on the back of the home, you might want to move outdoor lighting features to that area to fully enjoy them. However, if you have a bedroom on the back of your home overlooking the yard, you might not want a bunch of lights visible and preventing you from catching some shut-eye. Tristate Paving can work with you to design your ideal outdoor lighting plan.

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