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Should I Replace or Repair My Asphalt?


Should you repair or replace your asphalt?

Whether you have an aging asphalt driveway at your home or a slightly damaged asphalt basketball court in your backyard, deciding whether to repair or replace your asphalt can be a stressful and costly decision. You might be surprised how many repairs can occur before an outright replacement is needed. So how can you determine whether a replacement or repair is appropriate for your asphalt surface?


Resurfacing an asphalt surface involves adding a new additional layer of asphalt over the older and damaged asphalt. Typically, this new layer will add 1 ½-2” of asphalt over top. While this is a great option for asphalt that is in relatively good condition, the long-term results from resurfacing are only as good as the surface that is being, well, resurfaced. Cracks, holes, and soft spots all need to be repaired before the new layer of asphalt can be poured.


If cracks are over a ¼ inch wide or more than a couple inches deep, they can be temporarily repaired but the problem lies deeper than the surface and the cracks will almost immediately return. Cracks that go unprepared will be seen through the new layer of asphalt, so resurfacing while cutting corners won’t do much long term good for your asphalt.


Replacing your asphalt might be necessary if the damage is severe or if the existing asphalt is very old. Is the surface you are looking to repair is over 20 years of age, it might be time to just replace the entire thing rather than pay for many small repairs over a series of years. Asphalt will naturally start to wear away after decades of wear and tear, so replacing the entire surface might be the best option. If the damage on the asphalt surface you are looking to replace is larger than a quarter of the area of the surface, it is almost always more economical to replace the entire thing instead of removing huge portions and repairing them.

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